We were in town for business trip ...
We were in town for business trip and I had eaten here once 27 years ago. I checked and saw it was still in business so we made plans for supper.      Long and short of it, the all you can eat is ok for those who want it  but we got the chicken platter with clam strips, shrimp, corn on the cob, and hush puppies and took enough food ... read more
LarryandJulie T. via - Jun 10, 2018
When you're in a unfamiliar town ...
When you're in a unfamiliar town or city and you need to find a hot date location to go with Wifey that's not fancy...of course you turn to Yelp.  We had a long day out at a track meet where our daughters was competing and we wanted some ice cold beer and crabs...and Old Mill Crab House seemed like it would be a home run. Place was p ... read more
Steve S. via - May 30, 2018
I highly recommend the Old Mill ...
I highly recommend the Old Mill Crab House in Delmar. They do have the all you can eat steamed crab specials but they also sell plenty of other seafood. My husband got the admiral's platter-haddock, crab cake (hardly any filling just crab meat), scallops, shrimp and lobster tail. He loved it all. Also their cole slaw is one of the be ... read more
Jennifer B. via - May 20, 2018
I just went here for the first ...
I just went here for the first time over the weekend and it was great. My wife's coworker recommended Old Mill and it did not disappoint. The food and service were fantastic. I will be going back and its a 2 hour drive from my house.
Dano O. via - May 7, 2018
Place is amazing. My wife and I ...
Place is amazing. My wife and I are not huge seafood fans but we kept hearing about the ribs, chicken, and drinks. We live about an hour away so it was a nice date night. Tammy was our waitress and was amazing. By far the best ribs we had. They even had corn on the cob which was great. Everything from the food, service, and atmospher ... read more
Mike W. via - Apr 27, 2018
The food was so good, and they ...
The food was so good, and they did not skimp on the seafood. The blue crabs were hot and juicy, the shrimp were big, and everything was fresh. If we're ever in the area again we'll definitely be back.
Jen B. via - Apr 22, 2018
Went to this hidden gem  and when ...
Went to this hidden gem  and when I say that this place is worth the drive and worth the toll we paid and worth every penny . I'm so impressed , I could kick myself for not ensuring I was completely checked in on yelp  before leaving the area , that's ok I was there trust me . Our waitress named was Cierra and she so kind and friendl ... read more
Tiffany L. via - Apr 22, 2018
We went to The Old Mill a few days ...
We went to The Old Mill a few days after they opened this year and surprisingly the crabs and corn were excellent this time of year!  Our server was wonderful.  I hadn't been there in several years and I'm glad I went back.
Lisa W. via - Apr 15, 2018
Oh my, what a wonderful opening ...
Oh my, what a wonderful opening night last night! Steamed crabs were not that big but they were full of meat! Fried chicken is the best around and the first corn on the cob this year was unbelievable. Great service and ice cold beverages topped off the night!
Scott L. via - Apr 6, 2018
Old Mill crab house is a staple ...
Old Mill crab house is a staple for us SoDel locals. I try to go at least once a year! I end up getting there half an hour before they open (because there's almost always a line in the summer) and then stay until closing (or a half hour before.) I'm glad they finally let their staff bring out certain apps for the "all you can eat" op ... read more
Danielle L. via - Apr 3, 2018
Awesome one of the best places ...
Awesome one of the best places to get Maryland blue crabs on planet earth! All you can eat crab meals at a good price. Great sweet corn and hush puppies  as well. Nice bar. It's also extremely easy to find on RT 54.
J M. via - Feb 21, 2018
I missed the all you can eat crabs! ...
I missed the all you can eat crabs!  But OMG those Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes were amazing!!!!!!  The corn on the cob and the French fries were all very good. I will definitely get back soon!
Carol B. via - Oct 12, 2017
I'm shore to the core, and this ...
I'm shore to the core, and this restaurant is up there with the seafood joints I grew up around by the bay in MD.   The Admiral is an excellent dish and you have to try the hush puppies covered in powdered sugar.  The setting is homey and unpretentious.
Erin L. via - Oct 10, 2017
Love this place When I go to Virginia ...
Love this place When I go to Virginia I always stop on the wayBest all you can eat crab ... read more
Natan L. via - Oct 2, 2017
This is by far my favorite seafood ...
This is by far my favorite seafood restaurant. The food is amazing, the facility is extremely clean and well organized. The staff is the nicest and most pleasant I've ever experienced from a very busy restaurant. I can't recommend strongly enough!
Ronnie W. via - Sep 10, 2017
Great place and great atmosphere!! ...
Great place and great atmosphere!! Drinks are on point!!! Clean, neat, organized, above average service. Well thought out restaurant. You will be pleasantly surprised ... read more
Carlos E. via - Sep 9, 2017
Great food... took my brother who ...
Great food... took my brother who has been in England for the past 17 years... he was amazed and extremely happy with all of the food and our service.. very pleasant evening !!
Keith M. via - Aug 25, 2017
Went here for my biannual steamed ...
Went here for my biannual steamed spiced shrimp dinner.  Really cool place with amazing service by Courtney, who was sweet and excellent.  Shrimp was just enough, hush puppies were yummy, and corn on the cob hit the spot.  Only negative, people at the cashier ignored us when we left, but the bartender said goodbye, so that sort of re ... read more
Beth S. via - Aug 25, 2017
Totally impressed. It opens at ...
Totally impressed. It opens at 4 and there was a huge line at 3:45. They have this down pat. We were seated quickly, ordered and ate extremely fast considering.  The service was fast and friendly. The food delicious. I got broiled scallops which were seasoned and broiled just right.  The hush puppies as an app were addictive. Be warn ... read more
Marcia P. via - Aug 19, 2017
This place is great. I ordered ...
This place is great. I ordered the snow crab dinner with corn and coleslaw and it was to die for. I tasted some of everyone's: The fried chicken is spot on, their spiral fries are seasoned and freshly made. The crab cake has very little filler and is well worth the price (no peppers in them either). The corn melts in your mouth, the ... read more
Jim B. via - Jul 31, 2017
I went there Saturday night with ...
I went there Saturday night with wife got there around 5pm was seated right away. We both ordered the all you can eat crabs. The hush puppies, chicken and corn were all included and amazing. They were dumping these huge crabs on our table faster than we could eat. This is a real deal crab house! Paper on the table along with a roll o ... read more
Ken K. via - Jul 17, 2017
Ashley provided amazing service ...
Ashley provided amazing service to my family and I. This was my first time and I had so much fun. Fried Chicken, fried shrimp, fried clam strips, fresh corn and hush puppies were served initially (all you can eat) and then the blue crabs were just poured out in front of us . . . All you can eat too!! It was my Uncles birthday weekend ... read more
Kera G. via - Jul 14, 2017
Great food and great service. The ...
Great food and great service. The prices are well worth the amount of food. I recommend everyone purchase something different and share. It makes for a good time and saves money in the end. The sweet tea is tasty which is hard to find in Delaware period.  The service was great and the waitress was really attentive. The atmosphere is ... read more
Precious J. via - Jun 30, 2017
Holy food. If you leave here hungry ...
Holy food. If you leave here hungry it's your own fault. Huge proportions lots oh amazing see food and great all you can eat crabs hot and fresh. Very nice staff. Will be back!
Robert H. via - Jun 29, 2017
I was in the area for a wrestling ...
I was in the area for a wrestling tournament. I asked the hotel receptionist for a recommendation so i ended up here. I must say it was a great recommendation. I got the Blue Crab Mini Feast. It came with 5 blue crab, 1 piece of fried chicken, corn, hush puppies, clam strips(I don't eat clam). The carbs were the perfect sizes and sea ... read more
Wendy J. via - May 8, 2017
Great place to meet,and dine ... read more
Joseph Sylvester via - Feb 9, 2017
best dagom crab i very had down yonder in maryland ... read more
Brian Henry via - Feb 2, 2017
Great food and drinks ... read more
Megan DiPrima via - Jan 2, 2017
Best food ever!
Joyvan Malbon via - Dec 2, 2016
I Love Old Mill Crab. That are the 🎉🎊😍😘😋😂🤗💣🍤🍽🐟🦀❤️GOOD.
Louvenia Nichols via - Oct 2, 2016
This was an amazing experience the waitresses were polite and fast with our orders and we had an abundance for real good food. I will be back ... read more
Jean Randall via - Sep 2, 2016
Old Mill Crab House is the place to go for Maryland style crabs. ... read more
TheEdelfranco via - Sep 2, 2016
Stumbled on this place after leaving ...
Stumbled on this place after leaving Dogfish Head Brewery and heading to outer banks. So glad we did! While it was a 45 minute wait, it was well worth it. We got beers for less than 3 bucks each. When we were seated My friend and I split the snow crab mini feast and has shrimp and it was an insane amount of food. At one point a waitr ... read more
Calee P. via - Aug 11, 2016
Been coming here 12 years always good ... read more
Rick Irwin via - Aug 2, 2016
Now I know why I have fond memories of crab houses from years ago. The one is worth the trip.
Richard Polk via - Aug 2, 2016
I love how stupid some of the people posting negative reviews are. If you get filled up on all the fried goodness they give you before the crab comes out don't complain that you're full when the seafood hits the table. This just means you're a moron and glutton that can't wait for your main meal. As to this restaurant it is by fa ... read more
S Martin via - Aug 2, 2016
Great place for blue crabs!  We ...
Great place for blue crabs!  We had the mini crab feasts and it was awesome.  We were seated right away & the wait staff was very friendly and super attentive.  Very accommodating for our toddler too.  Definitely recommend this place!
Mike Z. via - Jul 4, 2016
Love this place!
starlene sutton via - Jul 2, 2016
I love this place ... read more
Janile Trappier via - Jul 2, 2016
This is a wonderful Crab restaurant! I finally was able to come here after being told of its legend by my inlaws. Price and value were reasonable. Crabs were meaty, service was outstanding and atmosphere was fun. BTW, if you're not looking for an all you can eat experience, the mini feast is an excellent value.
Charles Willcutt via - Jul 2, 2016
Love it people friends ... read more
Loretta Smith via - Jul 2, 2016
If you're looking for a good crab ...
If you're looking for a good crab feast, this is where it's at! Plenty of food to indulge in and very helpful and attentive staff. The wait was very quick and the food was well worth the money! Blue crabs, fried shrimp, fried chicken, corn on the cob, hush puppies, fries, crab dip and pretzel bites with beer to accommodate the food w ... read more
Joy T. via - Jun 19, 2016
Excellent old style crab shack dining. Although $$$ ... read more
Harry Skelton via - Jun 2, 2016
This place is great! I would recommend ...
This place is great! I would recommend getting the all you can eat specials it's worth it.The waitress was very attentive. The only thing is they threw away a lot of food. The shrimp,crabs,hush puppies,corn,crab legs,clams and chicken were great. I ordered a mango smoothie and that was good too. I have no complaints about this place.
Morgan G. via - May 30, 2016
Was there about 12 years ago wife and I fell in love with the place the food was awesome I've never had better Fried Chicken Maryland Fried Chicken in my life it was awesome we're hoping to get there this year if we can if we're in Ocean City right now and we're talking about stopping there on the way home for supper tomorrow night s ... read more
Don Smith via - May 2, 2016
Everything was delicious.
Linda Bennett via - Apr 2, 2016
The food is always hot seasoned to the MAX!!! SERVED WITH WARMNESS OF HEART!!!! It makes dinning Delightful ♡♥ ... read more
Delores Smith via - Apr 2, 2016
I love going here we come in a very large group and we love every minute of it ... read more
Ina Harris via - Mar 2, 2016
Awesome crab experience! The Poole's ... read more
Chantell Ellis via - Mar 2, 2016
Great food and experience, get here early or wait in line. Top 3 seafood buffet ... read more
Isaiah Tindle via - Mar 2, 2016
Lawrence Valentine via - Mar 2, 2016
What didn't I like? ... read more
Angela Smith via - Mar 2, 2016
I love the service you get with all you can eat! The waitresses are very good & fast with keeping large tables of customers happy. Excellent place to eat.
Tracy Heathman via - Mar 2, 2016
We've been going there since the 90's. Great food! Great people! Beautiful, tranquil location! A must if you're in Maryland!
Judi LeHuquet via - Mar 2, 2016
Everything 😍 ... read more
Chardon Roundtree via - Mar 2, 2016
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